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Civil news: handy checklist for speedier applications

Guidance available on documents needed to prove eligibility when making certificated applications.


A list of the documents needed for clients to demonstrate eligibility to receive legal aid has been put together in a handy table.

The guide is available for download as a PDF and is for certificated applications.

Called ‘Legal aid evidential requirements’, the guidance will help to ensure that any contribution clients are asked to pay has been assessed fairly.

Extensive list of documents

A lot of documents such as bank statements, wage slips and proof of benefits are included in the list. So, it is important to check that you have not forgotten anything.

If caseworkers need to chase missing information or documents then the application will inevitably be delayed. Vulnerable clients without documentation

If your client is particularly vulnerable and struggling to provide documents then you should notify the Legal Aid Agency when you make an application.

Further information

Civil legal aid application forms: supporting guidance – to download ‘Legal aid evidential requirements’ under ‘documents’

Published 11 May 2018