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Civil news: escape cases appeals and evidence requirements

New form to allow electronic submission of appeals, simplify the process and streamline the evidence required.


We have developed a new provider form which you can use when submitting appeals for escape case assessments for controlled work matters.

What are the benefits?

  • standardised layout for appeal submission which is clear and easy to complete

  • decisions against each item appealed recorded on the same form making process easier to follow

  • speedier decisions from the LAA and adjudicators, reducing waiting times for decisions

Evidence requirements streamlined

We’re also relaxing the requirement that the appeal must be accompanied by the full file of papers.

Instead, providers can choose what relevant information and documents in support they want considered to support their appeal narrative. Examples include attendance notes, disbursement vouchers.

Providers can still choose to submit an entire case file to support their appeal which we will process.

If an appeal is sent to the independent adjudicator the supporting documents or full file will continue to be sent to the adjudicator.

Electronic appeals

If providers do not need to send the full file of papers in support of the appeal we confirm that we are happy to accept appeals and supporting documents by email. This includes scanned documents.

We can support emailed appeals with attachments up to 8MB.

Voluntary process

Completion of the new form is voluntary and we recommend providers use it. But you can submit electronic appeals and take advantage of the streamlined evidence requirements without using the new form.

There are no changes to the way appeals are processed.

Further information

Escaped cases appeal pro forma – to download new form – to email for advice

0151 235 6750 – urgent enquiries only

Published 19 April 2018