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Changes to the trade mark search tool

Through our commitment to continuous improvement, we’ve made a few additional enhancements.


Earlier this year, as part of ongoing work to our digital services, we implemented changes to our online trade mark search service. The functionality of the three search options stayed the same, but their look and style was changed, especially to the search by word, phrase and or/ image. We introduced tabs to categorise details with the option to also ‘display content without tabs’.

Your feedback informed us that having the search pages default to the tab based layout, resulted in not enough information being shown. This added additional clicks to the user journey meaning it took longer to find information.

To rectify this, if you choose to ‘display content without tabs’, your browser will now remember your choice on your next visit. You can also revert back to ‘displaying content with tabs’ at any time. Additionally, we have made the following changes:

  • selecting ‘Open all’ will expand all the case classes and terms – your browser will remember your choice on your next visit

  • you will now have the ability to copy and paste the trade mark logo / text if you choose to ‘display content without tabs’

  • when displaying content without tabs, series marks are displayed vertically on a single page

  • selecting ‘New search’ from the trade mark case details page will now return you to the ‘Search for a trade mark’ start page, enabling you to select a different search method.

  • when you start a new search from the ‘Search for a trade mark’ start page your browser will now clear all the terms you entered for a previous search

We would welcome your feedback

Published 31 October 2017