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Changes to the Official Receiver’s Bank Account details

On the 30th June 2016, the Official Receiver’s Lloyds bank account will close. Please amend your records to reflect the new account details.


This notice only relates to monies paid in to bankruptcies and compulsory liquidations.

The Official Receivers are now using Government Banking Services – If you have previously had an arrangement to pay funds into the Official Receiver’s Lloyds Bank Account please amend your records to make sure all future payments are credited to the new Royal Bank of Scotland account with immediate effect as the Lloyds account will close on the 30th June 2016. Any funds submitted to the Lloyds account after this date will need to be resubmitted to the Insolvency Service Royal Bank of Scotland account by the sender. If you are unsure if this notice effects you, please contact us on 0121 698 4268.

Insolvency Service Royal Bank of Scotland Account Details

The follow details should be quoted for Sterling credits (BACS, CHAPS and Standing Orders)

Bank Sort Code: 60-70-80
Account Number: 10003231
Account Name: Insolvency Services Account
Remittance Information: Insolvency Reference (Case ID and Case Name)

The following details should be quoted when paying funds into the ISA from outside the UK banking Service.

IBAN: GB19NWBK60708010003231
Account Name: Insolvency Services Account
Remittance Information: Destination Case ID and Case Name
Destination Bank: National Westminster Bank
Destination Bank Address: London Corporate Service Centre, CPB Services, 2nd Floor, 280 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4RB

When the Official Receiver requested that you pay these funds electronically to the Insolvency Services they should have provided you with a reference to allow us to identify where to place the funds on receipt. Please can you ensure that this reference is quoted exactly as detailed in the Official Receiver’s letter and that there are no spaces between the alpha and numerical characters of the reference. This will ensure that the funds are allocated to the correct Insolvency Estate.

Published 21 June 2016