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Changes to the CMA’s GOV.UK web pages

More navigation has been added to our homepage, and email alerts about CMA cases are now available.

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In July, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) carried out a survey about our new web pages on GOV.UK, to find out where we could make improvements. There was a high level of participation and we received 240 responses.

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to take part and pass on their views - this feedback was really helpful to us. The main issues people raised were that they:

  • want the CMA’s content on GOV.UK to be easier to search and to browse through
  • regularly need to access the old Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and Competition Commission (CC) decisions, and these have been harder to find since the old websites were archived
  • want to be sent regular updates about changes to case pages and alerts when new cases are opened

Improving our users’ experience of our web pages is a priority for the CMA. Building on this feedback, we’ve now made changes to the CMA’s homepage. The new links in the top section allow users to navigate through our content by specialist area (for example, mergers). We’ve also made it easier to navigate to the closed OFT and CC cases from our homepage.

The Government Digital Service (GDS) has improved the GOV.UK search so that CMA’s cases are easier to find.

From today, you can subscribe to daily email alerts about updates to cases and new cases opening. We have added a ‘CMA case updates’ icon in the ‘follow us’ section of our homepage.

Further changes will be made to the CMA’s pages over the next few months, including:

  • a date search facility will be added to the CMA case directory
  • the OFT and CC archived decisions from 2003 to 2014 will be added to the CMA case directory (they will be added in batches, starting with the most recent)
  • users will be given the ability to subscribe to alerts about updates to individual cases you’re interested in

Please follow GDS’s Inside GOV.UK blog to keep up to date with the latest developments to GOV.UK.

Published 25 September 2014