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Celebrating the Commonwealth: Mozambican MPs learn of UK experiences

Mozambican parliamentarians attended in London a CPA UK programme focused on parliamentary ethics and public engagement.

HC meeting MPs

High Commissioner Kuenssberg meeting Mozambican MPs

A delegation of Mozambican parliamentarians recently visited London at the invitation of the Commonwealth Parliamentarian Association - UK to attend a programme focused on parliamentary ethics and public engagement.

The capability building programme aimed to develop a clear understanding of the key principles, features and functions of parliamentary committees, particularly in regards to public evidence sessions.

The deputies Ana Dimitri and Gania Mussagy, accompanied by Elsa Botao, representing the Assembly of the Republic, witnessed how sessions are held in the UK Parliament. They also interacted with representatives from the two Houses and had the chance to see how members of parliament interact with the electorate in their constituencies.

They spoke of how impressed they were with the way interaction between MPs and the people was direct and fruitful. They shared her hopes that Mozambican female MPs can be more skilled and able to raise in parliament themes of common interest as highlighted by the High Commissioner such as peace and domestic violence, central themes in this year’s Commonwealth celebrations.

And to take advantage of the Commonwealth day and week, the High Commissioner Jo Kuenssberg met the parliamentarians in Maputo to hear of their experience having they all discussed the differences and similarities between the UK and Mozambique on the parliamentary level.

She also highlighted the Queen’s message on Commonwealth Day as focused on peace, respect and understanding for one another, and working together to defend the dignity of every individual and community.

The High Commissioner made reference to important Commonwealth events, starting by the Baton that will over the next 12 months travel all Commonwealth nations and territories until the Games in Gold Coast, Australia, and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2018. The Queen’s Baton Relay, she added, will pass through Mozambique in May.

Mozambique is a Commonwealth member since 1995.

Published 16 March 2017