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Celebrating Services for Witnesses

Recognising and rewarding support for witnesses at court.

Image of an award being handed to a member of staff

In October 2017 HMCTS will hold its first National ‘Celebrating Services for Witnesses’ awards ceremony supported by other criminal justice agencies.

Providing witness services is crucial for the good and fair administration of justice. Our ceremony is being held to recognise and reward the positive impact services have on supporting witnesses through what can be a very traumatic and frightening time in their lives.

The ceremony comes from a local award ceremony held in the Midlands which was supported by Citizens Advice Witness Service (Central region) to acknowledge the positive work undertaken by staff and volunteers within each organisation.

This new event builds on the success of the regional award, and HMCTS is joined and supported by the Crown Prosecution Service, the defence community including members of the independent bar, the British Transport Police and again by the Citizens Advice Witness Service. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the positive work undertaken by all of the support agencies and what they provide to witnesses in their journey; whatever their role in the criminal justice system.

There will be six award categories:

  • unsung hero award (individual)
  • specialist support award (team or individual)
  • frontline services award (individual)
  • significant improvements award (team or individual)
  • partnership award (team)
  • the Victims’ Commissioner’s award (team or individual), presented by Baroness Helen Newlove, the Victim’s Commissioner.

The ceremony will take place on 20 October 2017 at Nottingham Trent University, with the Law school within the university sponsoring the event venue.

For further information or to request for nomination form please email Nominations close on 22 September 2017.

Published 8 August 2017