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Cefas reports significant science impact for customers and continued financial strength

Cefas annual report and accounts 2014-15 published.

Lowestoft beach (Cefas HQ)
Lowestoft beach (Cefas HQ)

Cefas’ annual report for 2014-15 has been published today reporting the significant impact it has made to the UK Government’s marine and aquatic programmes, as well as strong growth in work for wider-market customers to record levels, now 40% of business.

Cefas’ performance in the year is measured against demanding key performance indicators set by Defra Ministers. The agency exceeded all these performance targets including: making an operating surplus of £2.2m; achieving high customer satisfaction scores of 91%; ensuring no lost time accidents to our staff; publishing 174 scientific papers in increasingly high impact journals and maintaining high staff engagement levels, with Cefas remaining one of the top-performing Civil Service organisations for staff engagement.

Outgoing Cefas CEO Mike Waldock said:

“In this, my last year in Cefas before retiring, I am thrilled to report another great performance from Cefas. Our financial performance is strong and we achieved all our targets. In addition to returning a surplus of £2.2 million, I am particularly pleased that customer satisfaction and staff engagement continue to remain high.”

The report contains highlights from the past financial year including key work programmes that have supported the UK Government and wider-market customers promote the economy, safeguard public health and protect the environment, in the UK and abroad. Examples reported today include:

  • continued support to Defra in the development of UK policy delivering further progress in the sustainable use of fishery resources and improving the environment;
  • significant effort on designating Marine Conservation Zones;
  • important reform of the Common Fisheries Policy;
  • implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive; and
  • the comprehensive risk-based management of aquatic animal health.

The report also outlines future plans for Cefas following Defra’s 2014 strategic review. Cefas continues in an Agency role with a Five-Year Plan agreed to deliver commercial growth and academic excellence. Defra Network income is expected to decline from 60% to 40%, with a corresponding planned growth from wider-markets to secure a vibrant future for Cefas.

Published 10 June 2015