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Carillion contracts complete transfer

Agreements to transition the last of 278 contracts provided by the Carillion group to new service providers are now in place, signalling the end of the trading phase of the liquidation.

The liquidation trading period, which commenced on 15 January 2018, ensured the continued provision of essential public sector services across hospitals, schools, roads, rail and other key infrastructure without any service disruption or major incidents.

Commenting on this milestone, the Official Receiver, Dave Chapman, said:

Carillion is the largest ever trading liquidation in the UK. The continued uninterrupted delivery of essential public services since the company’s collapse in January reflects the significant effort put in by its employees, supported by my team and those employed by the special managers.

During this period 83% of the original workforce have either transferred with the contracts or resigned with another job to go to. Staff have been very professional throughout the liquidation and I want to thank them for their support as we worked to find new suppliers.

The focus of the liquidation will now shift to the provision of limited transitional services for some supplier and finalising Carillion’s trading accounts to ensure that payment is made to suppliers who have provided goods and services to the various liquidations. Suppliers are asked to ensure they supply their final accounts as soon as possible.

My investigation into the cause of the company’s failure, including the conduct of its directors, is also underway.

Further information:

  • a further 429 roles have transferred to new suppliers taking the total jobs saved to 13,945 jobs (76% of the pre-liquidation workforce), while nine staff will leave the business this week taking total redundancies to 2,787 (15%) positions to date. Further information about rights in redundancy is available on
  • a further 1,272 employees have left the business during the liquidation through finding new work, retirement or for other reasons
  • around 240 core employees are currently being retained to help close out the remaining activities
  • the Official Receiver is investigating the causes of failure of the company and has wide-ranging powers to obtain information, material, and explanations
Published 6 August 2018