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British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) Heritage Visits for Chagossians

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office welcomes expressions of interest from Chagossians for places on upcoming heritage visits.

Expressions of interest must be received by 8 June 2018

Expressions of interest must be received by 8 June 2018

The British Government announced in November 2016 a support package to fund projects to improve the livelihoods of Chagossians in the communities where they now live. This includes a significantly expanded programme of heritage visits to the British Indian Ocean Territory.

Since November 2017, 44 Chagossians have taken part in three heritage visits. Each group spent a week visiting the Territory.

Three further visits are likely to take place in October/November 2018, November/December 2018 and February 2019. Each heritage visit can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office welcomes expressions of interest from Chagossians for places on these upcoming visits. Priority will be given to those who were born in the Territory but applications from those of Chagossian descent, particularly children of parents born in the Territory, are also welcomed.

If you would like to be considered for a place on these trips, the following information will be required:

  • Name and contact details
  • Scanned copy of your passport data page (please note passports must be valid for at least six months from the proposed date of travel) or National ID card
  • Where applicable, confirmation that you were born in the British Indian Ocean Territory
  • If you are of Chagossian descent, proof of this will be required – for example, a copy of your birth certificate and that of your parent(s) (or ID card) indicating they were born in the British Indian Ocean Territory

Please send these details by e-mail to

Alternatively, copies of the required documentation can be submitted to the British High Commission located in Oliaji Trade Centre, Francis Rachel Street, Victoria.

The trip will be physically tiring with long hours spent on aeroplanes and boats and will require a certain level of mobility. A short medical fitness questionnaire and physical assessment will need to be undertaken by all successful applicants. As such, you should consider your ability to cope with such a trip before applying as places are limited and will not be easily reassigned should you be unable to travel.

Expressions of interest with the required documentation must be received by 8 June 2018.

An Novanm 2016, gouvernman Britanik ti anons en progranm sipor pour finans bann proze pour amelyor lavi bann Sagosyen dan bann kominote kot zot reste. Sa i enkli en logmantasyon enportan dan progranm bann vizit leritaz dan bann Teritwar Britanik dan Losean Endyen.

Depi Novanm 2017, 44 Sagosyen in partisip dan trwa vizit leritaz. Sak group ti fer en vizit en semenn dan Teritwar.

Trwa lezot vizit in ganny progranmen ant Oktob/Novanm 2018, Novanm/Desanm 2018 ek Fevriye 2019. Sak vizit leritaz i kapab pran en maksimonm 20 partisipan.

Lofis Commonwealth aletranze i envit bann Sagosyen ki enterese pour fer demann pour en plas dan sa bann prosen vizit. Priyorite i pour bann ki’n ne dan Teritwar, me laplikasyon bann desandans Sagosyen pou osi ganny konsidere.

Si ou ti a kontan ganny konsidere pour ganny en plas dan sa bann vizit, ou bezwen donn sa bann lenformasyon swivan:

  • Ou non avek ou kontak
  • En kopi nimerik (skàn) paz lenformasyon dan ou paspor (paspor i bezwen valid omwen 6 mwan avan dat ki ou sipoze vwayaze)
  • Si ou en desandan Sagosyen ou pou bezwen fourni laprev ou desandans dan laform ou sertifika nesans, ouswa sertifika nesans ou paran ouswa kart idantite ki endike konmkwa zot in ne dan Teritwar Britanik Losean Endyen

Silvouple anvoy sa bann detay par imel kot

Zot osi kapab soumet kopi bann dokiman neseser kot lofis O Komisyon Britanik dan Batiman Oliaji Trade Centre, Lari Francis Rachel, Victoria.

Vwayaz pou fatigan fizikman, vi ki pou annan plizyer erdtan ki zot pou bezwen pase dan avyon e lo bato alors i pli pratik e konseyab ki bann partisipan i fizikman endepandan. Tou bann partisipan pou bezwen ranpli en kestyonner lo zot lasante e fer en tes lo zot abilite fizik. Sepandan, ou bezwen pran kont ou abilite pour antreprann sa vwayaz, avan ou fer ou laplikasyon, akoz plas i limite e pa pou fasil pour redistribye si alafen ou pa kapab vwayaze.

Tou bann laplikasyon i bezwen ariv kot nou pa pli tar ki le 8 Zen 2018.

Published 18 May 2018
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