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British High Commissioner to Zambia statement on resignation of Robert Mugabe

The British High Commissioner to Zambia, Mr Fergus Cochrane-Dyet OBE, has issued a statement about developments in Zimbabwe.


He said:

This is a moment of hope for Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe squandered the immense potential of a remarkable country. While Britain recognises his role in Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence, he was responsible for oppression and economic failure.

The British Government does not pretend to regret Mugabe’s downfall: the UK hopes that Zimbabweans will now achieve the brighter future they deserve.

The immediate priority is to ensure that Zimbabwe has a legitimate government; the only way to achieve that goal is through free and fair elections, held in accordance with the constitution.

To this end – and as Zimbabwe’s oldest friend - Britain stands ready to work alongside the country’s people, the international community, and partners in the region such as the Republic of Zambia under the leadership of HE President Edgar Lungu.

Published 22 November 2017