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British Embassy Tirana - Call for bids

Deadline to submit project bids is Wednesday 22 March 2017.

British Embassy Tirana
British Embassy Tirana

British Embassy Tirana – 2017/18 Programmes

Deadline for implementers to submit project bids to British Embassy in Tirana is Wednesday 22 March 2017.

The British Embassy in Tirana supports programmes in line with its Country Business Plan objectives and outcomes during financial year 2017/18 and is seeking implementers of projects from £20,000 upwards. Proposed projects should be in support of two main priority objectives:

  • support a robust and independent judiciary and legal community by engaging with young lawyers with the focus on human rights, criminal and business law
  • strengthening rule of law and efficiency of the justice system in Albania

To apply for funding, interested organizations must submit a project proposal (please see the forms below) to the Embassy’s Programmes Section. The project bids are shortlisted and approved by the British Embassy’s Post Programme Board and are expected to run between April and December 2017 (exceptionally until February 2018).

All projects submitted must directly support at least one of the above priority objectives for the British Embassy Programmes. The projects shall target the following beneficiaries: the Magistrates School, the Albanian Chamber of Advocates, the Albanian School of Advocates and other relevant justice institutions; in relation but not limited to:

  • delivering training and/ training the trainers to young lawyers (including judges and prosecutors). A specific priority is to train fraud and financial crime prosecutors
  • improve the professional curricula such those of the School of Advocates
  • promote international best practice through supporting the Albanian National Chamber of Advocates disciplinary committee, code of ethics and handling of complaints;

Please note that total funding available is £100,000 for 2017/18 financial year.

In addition to a completed project proposal, the Implementer should submit a profile not longer than 1500 words stating the organization’s key areas of activity and its core expertise. This should include a list of projects implemented in the last 3 years and a supporting letter from the intended beneficiary institutions. The supporting letter shall clearly state: the readiness of the beneficiary institution to cooperate with the project and that the proposed activities are in accordance with the identified needs.

All British Embassy Programmes and projects must clearly demonstrate how they:

  • support the above objectives and outcomes;
  • build upon lessons learnt from similar and previous projects;
  • are sustainable and provide a viable exit strategy;
  • deliver value for money (VfM)

The assessment criteria will be based on the following:

  • financial and operational capacity
  • relevance
  • methodology
  • sustainability
  • budget and cost-effectiveness
  • a partnership framework to support the broader engagement of a project can strengthen your bid
  • other sources of funding should be specified in the project bid
  • British Embassy’s profile in the project must be guaranteed

Evaluation of project bids

  • the application must relate to one or more of the priority objectives
  • the aim of the project should be concise, feasible and sustainable
  • the expected outcomes should be measurable and
  • the target group should be clearly defined and involved in project implementation

Approval, contract and reporting

If the project is approved, the applicant will be given two copies of the contract, outlining the conditions of the grant. The Embassy will require monthly financial reports and quarterly project progress reports from implementers. The first payment will be made upon the receipt of monthly financial report. When the project has been completed the implementer shall prepare and send a final report to the Embassy within the period specified in the contract.

Implementation time frame

Successful applicants will implement their projects from April to December 2017 (exceptionally until) February 2018.

All payment requests should be finalized in the first week of March 2018, and you are advised to plan project activities accordingly.


Please send bid forms, activity based budget forms and the organization‘s supporting documents by email to: by Wednesday 22 March 2017.

Please submit your concept bid with the subject line:

(Name of your organization) 2017/18 British Embassy Programmes

Proposal Form Tirana 2017

Activity Based Budget Template Tirana 2017

Published 7 March 2017