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British Embassy Montevideo launches call for project bids for 2017

The British Embassy invites all interested parties to submit their proposals for the British Embassy Montevideo Project Fund 2017.

British Embassy Montevideo


The Embassy Programme Fund will seek to create the right conditions for growth in Uruguay, seeking to deliver real, measurable outcomes.

Our one priority for this call is on anti-corruption, transparency and public procurement

Over time we expect the outcomes of the projects implemented to create opportunities for international companies, including UK companies. All project proposals should be able to establish a clear and identifiable link between the activities planned and the expected results.

Project bids

Projects should not exceed a value of £15,000 and should aim to work with organisations from the government, civil society and the private sector. Projects must be completed by 22 December 2017.


The British Embassy in Montevideo opens this bid to select a project implementer to assist Host Government develop the anti corruption and public procurement agenda:

Projects presented must be able to deliver the following objectives:

  • promote and improve transparency in public procurement systems

  • reduce opportunities for corruption in public procurement processes

  • promote and establish a detailed roadmap for the creation and implementation of a Code of Best Practice for Public Procurement officers and high level authorities

  • showcase best practice of whistle blowing mechanisms and assist host government in the recommended mechanism and develop a joint action plan for 2018 implementation

  • promote transparency to combat protectionism

Activities such as workshops, conferences, training programmes should be directed to the following stakeholders:

  • high-ranking officials from the public entities involved in procurement and contracting processes

  • those responsible for the control and supervision bodies

  • executive Branch Authorities

  • parliamentary representatives

Project implementer will liaise directly with national Office of Transparency and Ethics (JUTEP in Spanish) and the Public Procurement Agency (ACCE in Spanish).

The timetable for all bids is below. Our process will consist of a one stage full bid proposal. The deadline for submission of full bids is 24 July 2017. All funded project activities must be completed by 22 December.

Maximum amount to be funded: £15,000 equivalent to USD 23.175 - Fixed Exchange rate 1.545

Who may bid? Eligibility criteria

In order to bid, your organisation or agency must demonstrate that it has previous experience in project management (preferably working with international agencies or organisations), sufficient technical, financial, personnel and logistical capacity. For example, possible implementers include:

  • government institutions

  • non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

  • academia, think tanks, research institutes

  • community-based organisations

  • Chambers of Commerce associations etc

How to Bid

Bids should be completed in English using the Project Proposal Form. An Activity Based Budget should be submitted alongside it.

Activity Based Budgets should list the activities needed to deliver the outcomes (results) of the project. See below for an example of an Activity Based Budget. Guidance for implementers on completing project forms can also be found below.


Project Proposal Form (PDF, 278KB, 9 pages)

Guidance for Implementers on completing a project proposal form (PDF, 179KB, 2 pages)

Activity Based Budget - template (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 91KB) Budget must be presented in the currency in which Implementer will invoice.

Guidance for Implementers on budgeting and achieving value for money (PDF, 227KB, 1 page)

Please send all completed forms 1) Project Bid in word Format only and 2) Activity Based Budget to

Bid should highlight:

  • a well defined and specific aim of the proposal

  • a clear and identifiable link between the activities planned and the expected results

  • we are looking for practical interventions that will lead to a real and timely difference to decision making

  • a detailed Activity Based Budget (proposals with no ABB will not be accepted). It should be clear what a certain expense refers to. Vague or seemingly excessive expenditure items will be challenged

  • any co-funding. This is not a requirement but should be encouraged

What cannot be bid for:

The project fund cannot be used to pay for items or support projects which are:

  • recurrent monthly costs (staff salaries, rents, bills or consumables)

  • projects that are purely of a political, military or religious nature

  • computers, sports equipment or text books

  • all flights should usually be economy class

  • consultancy fees included in projects will be closely monitored to ensure value for money and any project should not allocate the majority of funding for consultancy services

After the bid

The bidding round is an open and competitive process, assessed by an Embassy Programme Board within the Embassy in Uruguay.

Once a bid is approved a Grant Contract will be signed with the successful bidder. The implementing organisation will be required to submit quarterly reports and a final evaluation of the project. Within the monitoring work, due consideration should be given by the implementers to potential media coverage during the project’s activities, which will be carried out in coordination with the Embassy’s Communications Section. Reimbursements will be done in quarterly arrears upon receipt of the quarterly reports. More frequent reimbursements could be arranged with prior agreement from the Embassy.

Indicative timetable

Date Activity
20 June Call for bids open
24 July Deadline for submission of full bids, including an Activity Based Budget (ABB)
1 Aug Announcement of results
7 Aug Announcement of results
1 Aug Contracts and financial arrangements completed
  Projects begin
22 December Projects completed
Published 21 June 2017