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British Embassy in UAE seeks to raise awareness of local laws and customs this festive period

British Embassy in the UAE has launched a fun campaign: Rupert the Expat Reindeer

Rupert the Expat Reindeer

Ahead of the festive period, the British Embassy in the UAE has launched a fun campaign on its social media channels to increase awareness of the UAE’s laws and customs. In addition to some short festive-themed videos carrying advice on the laws and customs, the Embassy has produced a recording of a few of its staff singing a piece inspired by Johnny Marks’s famous song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”.

The song, which was released on the Embassy’s social media channels on 15 December, is called “Rupert the Expat Reindeer”. The lyrics tell the story of some expatriate reindeers who learn the hard way why it is important to familiarise ourselves with local laws and customs (and the climate) when overseas. The issues covered in the song include alcohol licences, drinking in public, appropriate dress codes and the use of offensive language.

The UK Ambassador to the UAE, Philip Parham, said:

The UAE is home to more than 120,000 British nationals, and is visited by around a further million British nationals every year. I am pleased to say that only a very, very small percentage of them need to seek the help of our Consular team. We want everyone to have a trouble-free festive period, so we take the opportunity of this season to raise awareness of UAE laws and customs in a fun way, and at the same time to wish the British community here a Merry Christmas.

Notes to Editors:

The campaign is running on the Embassy’s Facebook (UKinUAE), Twitter (@UKinUAE), Instagram (BritishEmbassyUAE) and YouTube (UKinUAE) accounts.

Lyrics for “Rupert the Expat Reindeer”:

Rupert the expat reindeer. Had a very sun-burnt nose. He’d been at the beach all Friday. So now his honker really glows

Some of the other reindeer. Tweeted some offensive stuff. Four of them got deported. Santa’s job got extra tough

Then that sandy Christmas Eve. Rupert drank too much. And his licence had run out. “To jail now!” the judge did shout

Then how the reindeer mocked him. He caused a lot of misery. Rupert the expat reindeer. You’re a liability

Rupert the expat reindeer. Strikes a more respectful pose. Sun cream at the beach on Friday. And elsewhere less skimpy clothes

And all of the other reindeer. Are more well-behaved this time. They have their alcohol licence. So drinking grape is not a crime

So this year on Christmas Eve. Presents will arrive. Rupert will be flying for sure. Now he understands the law

Know all the laws and customs. Here in the UAE. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. From the British Embassy

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Published 15 December 2015