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Ambassador’s visit to the language centre in Ashgabat was GREAT

British Ambassador visited the language training and education centre Gujurly Nesil in Ashgabat.

HM Ambassador at Gujurly Nesil language centre

A group photo with a guest visitor British Ambassador Sanjay Wadvani

On Friday 7 August, British Ambassador Sanjay Wadvani visited the language training and education centre Gujurly Nesil in Ashgabat. After a short introduction by the deputy director of Gujurly Nesil, the Ambassador was able to talk with a group of students, who had the opportunity to practice their excellent English language skills.

During the interaction, a group of students engaged in varied interesting discussions, ranging from the life of Ambassador and diplomats’ career to opening of a business in the United Kingdom, as well as education in the UK. The British Ambassador was particularly pleased to see the enthusiasm of young Turkmen students and their interest in education opportunities across the world. “People in the 21st century live in the hi-tech and information world. Internet and social media sites are part of our daily life, for finding up-to-date information on education are the most effective tool for staying in touch with our friends, families and business contacts all over the world” said Her Majesty’s Ambassador. The British Embassy has just announced the opening of the UK government’s flagship Chevening scholarship programme for 2016, which highlights the importance the Embassy attaches to education opportunities in Turkmenistan.

At the end of the session, Mr Wadvani handed GREAT branded Embassy bags with Chevening leaflets to all the students.

Published 11 August 2015