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Brazil Trade Envoy Mark Prisk visits Recife this week

UK Trade Envoy for Brazil, Mark Prisk arrives in the city on Thursday (17 August) for two days of strategic meetings with local partners.


Mark Prisk, the UK’s trade envoy to Brazil makes his first visit to Recife this year. While in the country he aims to increase dialogue between the region and United Kingdom. He will discuss topics such as trade, smart cities and the UK government’s international awards scheme, Chevening in bilaterals with Porto Digital and Fiepe. The Trade Envoy was previously in São Paulo in [13-16 August] where he held meetings with government and private sector representatives.

Mark was elected as the MP for Hertford and Stortford in 2001. He served on the Conservative front bench from 2002, covering Treasury and Business portfolios. Prior to the position as Trade Envoy, Mark was appointed Minister of State for Business & Enterprise in 2010 (until 2012) and Minister of State for Housing in 2012 (until 2013).

The British MP said:

Trade is one of the UK’s top priorities and it is vital we work together to bolster our trade and investment relations creating jobs and economic growth. Recife has been central to cooperation with the Northeast region and we will work to further our countries’ historical partnership.

Published 17 August 2017