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Bilateral Fund - UPDATED

Bid Round is Open for Financial Year 2015-2016


The Programme Team in Brazil is inviting submissions of project proposals to the Bilateral Fund.


1.Project proposals must contribute to the following areas:

i. Cyber, building emergency preparedness, partnering with the UK on internet governance, and opening the Brazilian market.

ii.Human Rights, strengthening business HR capacity, cooperation in Human Rights Council, and addressing failures in Brazil’s prison systems.

iii. Climate Negotiations, strengthening UK-Brazil collaboration in the run-up to the Paris Climate Conference of the Parties (COP).

iv. Olympic and Paralympic legacy, increasing UK-Brazil cooperation, preparing a lasting legacy from Rio including accessibility, health and mobility.

v. People to People, increasing UK-Brazil cooperation in business communities, civil society and academia, supporting British-Brazilian dialogue to establish a regular channel of discussions between both Nations.

  1. The Bilateral Fund is ODA (Official Development Assistance), hence, the primary beneficiary of the project proposal submitted to the Bilateral Fund must be Brazil (included in the OECD DAC list), in line with DAC criteria.

  2. Project proposals must be submitted in the Project Bid Form: Proposal Form - under £10k or Proposal Form - £10k to £80k. / Annex: Activity Based Budget Model.

  3. We are looking for practical interventions that will lead to a real and timely difference to decision-making.

  4. Proposals can deliver one or more activities such as research, analysis, seminars, events, missions or workshops, as well as a small scale projects (up to £50,000). Both should lead to specific and measurable action.

  5. Proposals should outline impact. We want to know what changes the project will bring about.

  6. Demonstrate that the project will produce sustainable outcomes.

  7. Activity-based budget must contain detailed description of each activity and should comply with FCO Value for Money and Procurement Procedures.


A Project Selection Board composed by members of the British Embassy Network will evaluate and select project based on the DAC appraisal criteria and fit with eligibility criteria above.


Deadline to send the Project proposals with comments addressed and revised budget: 18/06

I kindly would like to remind you all the a project can only be consider as approved IF all the comments made by the board were addressed and the budget revision were made.

If you have any questions about your budget, please contact Adriana Correira, by the email If you have any questions about your proposal, please contact Mariana Chrisostomo, by the email

Published 12 June 2015