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Applications open for the 2016-17 Magna Carta Fund for Human Rights and Democracy

The Human Rights and Democracy Department (HRDD) of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) supports human rights and democracy work overseas.


The Magna Carta Fund for Human Rights and Democracy helps different stakeholders tackle the root causes of human rights violations, strengthen institutions and governance, promote and protect human rights, and support democracy and the rule of law by funding projects around the world.

One-year project proposals can be submitted by civil society, commercial organizations, governments, think tanks and international organizations. All proposals must comply with the general requirements set out below and will enter a competitive global process following an initial sift carried out by the Embassy. The final evaluation and decision on which proposals will be funded will be taken by HRDD in London.

For financial year 16/17, HRDD has decided to particularly encourage proposals from some countries, including Honduras, thus offering a better chance to obtain funding for projects. We consider this an excellent opportunity to continue supporting great initiatives that can deliver real impact and is a recognition of the commitment towards advancing the human rights agenda in country. In previous years, Honduras has benefited from two projects related to freedom of expression and tackling violence against women. For this bidding round we encourage you to participate with creative ideas in line with the FCO’s Magna Carta Fund for Human Rights and Democracy Strategy and Embassy priorities:

  • Developing transparent and accountable democratic institutions based on the rule of law and reducing corruption.
  • Promoting and protecting a safe environment to exercise freedom of expression, including access to information, whilst reducing hate speech, violence or harassment. This can also be linked to protecting civil society spaces and strengthening constructive dialogue.
  • Implementing International Standards and Principles related to business and human rights, as well as the implementation of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI).
  • Increase awareness and capability of courts and the criminal justice system to uphold universal human rights, tackling impunity and improving access to justice.

We particularly welcome those proposals that can ensure sustainability by working both with civil society and government institutions, aim to achieve systemic change, strengthen institutions and improve governance; the fundamental aim of the strategy is to treat both causes and symptoms.

About the process:

  • Time for the project to develop: Projects should start after 15 May 2016 and be complete by 31 March 2017. Two year projects will be considered exceptionally.

  • Project Value: The British Embassy Guatemala City is seeking projects that do not exceed a value of £80,000.00 (Approximately USD$118,000.00 depending on exchange rate). Co-funded projects will be accepted. Management fees, overheads and administration costs must not exceed 10% of the overall project cost. Staff costs will only be considered if necessary for the project implementation.

  • Project concept notes will be received by the British Embassy. The best proposals will be asked to submit a full bid. A maximum of four full bids benefiting Honduras will be sent to HRDD for final evaluation around mid-March. Please assume that your concept bid has been unsuccessful if you do not hear back from us by the end February 2015. Unfortunately due to the volume of bids we will be unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful bids. The HRDD’s decision should be announced early May 2016, the Embassy will then contact potential implementers to inform them of the final decision.

  • Please take into consideration: All project documents must be presented in word format written in English. Project concept forms have to be concise, clear and convincing with a maximum length of three pages, accompanied by the Activity Based Budget (excel format). Try to be creative and understanding of the context in which the project would take place. . Please be aware that this is a highly competitive process.

Proposals will be assessed on:

  • Value for money. Proposals should be realistic, with a detailed budget.
  • Alignment with HRDP Strategy and the priorities set by the Embassy.
  • Evidence of local demand or need for the project
  • Project viability, including capacity of implementing organizations
  • Project design, including clear, achievable impact
  • Sustainability. This is the long-term sustainability of projects.
  • Risk and stakeholder management

The deadline for submitting concept bids is 5pm on Friday 5 February 2016. Please complete the relevant form in English and send to including “HRD Fund Project Proposal_Honduras” in the subject line.

Essential documents for you to read

If the information above has not answered all your questions, please contact our Human Rights and Projects Officer at (502) 2380-7300 or send an e-mail to

Published 20 January 2016