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Animal medicines improvement notice: Taggart Jack, Omagh, County Tyrone

Details of the improvement notice issued to Taggart Jack, Omagh, County Tyrone published February 2019.


This Improvement notice was issued to Taggart Jack for the following:

  1. POM–VPS products found to be available for self-selection, contrary to Schedule 3, paragraph 14 of the VMR
  2. Batch numbers were not being recorded for all sales of POM-VPS products, contrary to regulation 23 of the VMR
  3. Veterinary products were not being stored in accordance with their SPCs

The improvements required are:

  1. All POM-VPS products to be removed from self-selection
  2. Systems to be put in place to ensure full traceability of supply of POM-VPS products
  3. To record the minimum and maximum temperatures for controlled medicines kept in fridges
Published 8 February 2019