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‘Actuaries in government’ – the voice of GAD

Government Actuary’s Department launches new blog site.

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The Government Actuary’s Department (GAD) has launched a new blog site, where you can read more about the projects and successes of the department, by GAD people themselves.

The new platform Actuaries in government joins other government departments and public bodies on the blogging site where people in GAD will post blogs about our work on a regular basis.

Intelligent and informed analysis

In his opening blog, the Government Actuary Martin Clarke talks about the detailed issues which people in GAD deal with on a regular basis. These can include examining the:

• appropriate cost today for the future pensions of 5 million public sector workers

• NHS’s liability for clinical negligence claims and what influences it

• appropriate solvency standard for the emerging defined benefit pension consolidators

Martin Clarke commented: “These are all fascinating areas where public policy and the national interest intersect with the worlds of risk and uncertainty. An intelligent and informed analysis based on evidence and assumptions can lead to better decisions, and – in many cases – the avoidance of unnecessary costs.”

HR Team 2019

Risk management … and recruitment

In other posts we hear from GAD actuary Andy Jinks, who looks at the knotty problem of ‘bow tie’ risk management. As he says, it’s “an approach that’s applied more widely in the identification and management of any type of risk.”

We hear too from GAD’s Head of HR Operations about one of the largest recruitment exercises the department has ever run. We have vacancies for 12 actuaries and 6 part-qualified actuarial trainees, as well as an accounts receivable officer in the finance team – that’s 19 people in all. Read Shamailla’s blog about how the HR team is working with GAD team leaders to make sure the whole exercise runs as smoothly as possible.

‘Actuaries in government’ - join the conversation!

Published 11 November 2019