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AAIB Report: Skyranger Swift 912S, nose landing gear failure

The aircraft’s nose landing gear failed during a normal landing roll, causing the aircraft to pitch over and come to a rest inverted, 15 September 2019.


During a normal landing roll the nose landing gear of a Skyranger Swift 912S (G-SKSW) failed. This caused the aircraft to pitch over and come to a rest inverted.

It is probable that the landing gear fork was damaged during a recent, but unidentified, landing or taxiing event that weakened the fork to the extent that it subsequently failed during the accident flight. There were no injuries.

The investigation established that the most likely cause of the failure of the nose landing gear leg was a crack emanating from damage that occurred prior to the accident flight. The fixed nosewheel fairing would have constrained the pilot’s inspection of the damaged area during the pre-flight inspection.

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Published 30 January 2020