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60th Anniversary of the Independence of Ghana

A Goodwill message offered by H.E Jon Benjamin

Ghana at 60 Post Card
Ghana at 60 Post Card

On behalf of Her Majesty’s Government, all of us at the British High Commission offer our congratulations on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Independence of Ghana.

Ghana is one of the UK’s longest-standing and strongest partners in Africa. Our vibrant, modern and forward-looking partnership is based on a close and genuine friendship. The UK and Ghana have a wide range of shared values, aspirations and interests across all spheres. In business, Blue Skies stands as a promising example of UK-Ghana business relations - a company committed to exporting cut fruit daily to the UK. It is the largest private employer in Ghana and a great, tangible example of Global Britain and how our economic cooperation can bring about mutual prosperity. And in sport, several Black Stars continue to compliment the Barclay’s Premier League - one of the UK’s biggest cultural exports.

The UK is enthused about the next generation of Ghanaian entrepreneurs. Through the Department for International Development, that’s DFID’s, ENGINE programme, the UK looks to support Ghana in the area of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) with the necessary skills and resources to improve their business plans and operations, while creating a thriving community of entrepreneurs that is vital for a successful economy.

Ghana and the UK continue to work together to achieve common goals on both domestic and global issues. A key arm of our relationship is a vibrant and creative Ghanaian Diaspora community in the UK, with well over a quarter a million British citizens of Ghanaian family heritage. Ghana is a modern, dynamic country – full of talent, and I am very proud that the UK remains a close friend.

60 years ago on Independence Day itself, Ghana’s founding father, Kwame Nkrumah, spoke of Ghana’s parting from the UK, and I quote, “with the warmest feelings of friendship and goodwill”, adding that: “we enter our independence in association with Great Britain and with good relations unimpaired”. May those warm sentiments of close mutual respect continue into the farthest possible future.

Please accept our very best wishes for the happiness and prosperity of the Government and people of Ghana - today and in the years ahead.

Happy Birthday, Ghana!

Published 8 March 2017