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2016 Prague Inter-Embassy Anti-Corruption Day Statement

We come together again for a third year to renew our countries’ commitment to fighting corruption in all its forms.

December 9, International Anti-Corruption Day, is a day for everyone to stand united against what the UN has called the single greatest obstacle to economic and social development around the world.

Corruption does not discriminate. It affects everyone, in both developed and still developing economies. It hampers economic growth; undermines democracy, governance, and human rights; and enables organized crime. According to the World Bank, every year $1 trillion is paid in bribes, and the World Economic Forum estimates that corruption reduces our prosperity by $2.6 trillion annually, roughly 5% of global GDP. All of our countries will reap the benefits of successful efforts to combat corruption.

Last year the Czech Republic improved 16 positions in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, jumping to 37th position from 53rd. This is a great measure of success, and we congratulate the Czech Republic on its achievements. We encourage the government to continue its efforts to reduce corruption and implement its anti-corruption program. Our governments are prepared to continue working with the Czech Republic in support of its good governance and transparency goals.

• H.E. Jan Thompson, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

• H.E. Andrew H. Schapiro, Ambassador of the United States of America

• H.E. Barbara C. Richardson, Ambassador of Canada

Published 8 December 2016