Ministerial role

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Digital and Broadband)


  • Online Harms and Security
  • Digital Infrastructure, including Full Fibre rollout and BDUK
  • Digital Skills
  • Digital and Tech Policy
  • Cyber Security and Cyber Skills

Previous holders of this role

  1. Matt Warman MP

    2019 to 2020


  1. Digital sector worth more than £400 million a day to UK economy
  2. Minister for Digital speech at SINET Global Cybersecurity Innovation Summit
  3. Cyber Security Sectoral Analysis 2020
  4. UK’s booming cyber security sector worth £8.3 billion
  5. Government to strengthen security of internet-connected products
  6. Cyber Security Incentives & Regulation Review: Call for Evidence
  7. EU Cyber Security Certification (EU Exit) Call for Views
  8. Call for evidence launched on improving cyber security across the UK economy
  9. CSIIF: Hacker House Ltd Grant Award
  10. Government backs next generation of scientists to transform healthcare and tackle climate change