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  1. Spotlight 29: don't fall for it - misleading claims made by tax avoidance scheme promoters

  2. Ten things about contractor loan schemes

  3. Notice IPT 1: Insurance Premium Tax

    • Updated
    • Notice
    • HMRC
  4. HMRC exchange rates for 2016: monthly

  5. HMRC exchange rates for 2016: weekly amendments

  6. Customs Information Paper 7 (2016): Authorised Economic Operators completion of the C118 for VAT groups

  7. Payrolling Benefits in Kind: draft guidance

    • Published
    • Guidance
    • HMRC
  8. Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme: service availability and issues

  9. Archiving your trade documents

  10. Inheritance Tax: Direct Payment Scheme bank or building society account (IHT423)

  11. Inheritance Tax: application for an Inheritance Tax reference (IHT422)

  12. Inheritance Tax: probate summary (IHT421)

  13. Inheritance Tax: listed stocks and shares (IHT411)

  14. Inheritance Tax: life assurance and annuities (IHT410)

  15. Inheritance Tax: pensions (IHT409)

  16. Inheritance Tax: household and personal goods donated to charity (IHT408)

  17. Inheritance Tax: household and personal goods (IHT407)

  18. Inheritance Tax: bank and building society accounts (IHT406)

  19. Inheritance Tax: houses, land, buildings and interest in land (IHT405)

  20. Inheritance Tax: jointly owned assets (IHT404)

  21. Inheritance Tax: gifts and other transfers of value (IHT403)

  22. Inheritance Tax: claim to transfer unused nil rate band (IHT402)

  23. Inheritance Tax: Inheritance Tax account (IHT400)

  24. Classifying ceramics for import and export

  25. The National Export System for export declarations

  26. Exporting goods outside the EU

  27. HMRC senior officials travel report

    • Updated
    • Transparency data
    • HMRC
  28. Domicile: Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax

  29. Revenue and Customs Brief 4 (2016): VAT MOSS - Simplifications for businesses trading below the VAT registration threshold

  30. Revenue and Customs Brief 5 (2016): Tonnage Tax - qualifying ships and flagging

  31. Tax on savings: application for approval as an ISA manager

  32. Tariff Stop Press Notice 4 (2016): changes to the monthly trade euro rate

  33. Rates and thresholds for employers 2016 to 2017

    • Published
    • Detailed guide
    • HMRC
  34. Rates and allowances: monthly euro conversion rates for calculating duty

  35. The Single Administrative Document for import and export

  36. Migrants and tax credits

    • Published
    • FOI release
    • HMRC
  37. UK Trade Tariff: customs procedure codes

  38. UK Trade Tariff: document, certificate and authorisation codes for harmonised declarations

  39. UK Trade Tariff: ETSF operators and host EPU details

  40. Apprenticeship Levy