Review of the Resilience of the Transport Network to Extreme Weather Events Expert Panel

Seeking practical measures to improve the resilience of our transport network to severe weather events in the short term, whilst giving due consideration to longer term resilience of the nation’s transport infrastructure.

Role of the group

The role of the panel will be to identify measures including:

  • creating plans to mitigate impacts on transport from severe weather events
  • contingency planning to manage the effects
  • investigating increased rates of degradation which lead to reduced service life and performance of transport assets
  • adapting infrastructure to manage projected future risks

The expert panel’s review will build on the existing work of practitioners and policy makers, incorporating knowledge on climate modelling to recommend appropriate, value for money actions to deal with future transport vulnerabilities.

Terms of reference

Terms of reference (PDF, 124KB, 3 pages)


The membership of the expert panel includes:

  • Richard Brown, CBE, former Chairman of Eurostar and currently Non-Executive Director of the Department for Transport
  • Brian Smith, former Director of Environment and Transport at Cambridgeshire County Council
  • John Curley, who has held a number of senior positions in the rail industry

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