Offshore Wind Investment Organisation

The Offshore Wind Investment Organisation works with overseas investors to increase investment in the UK’s offshore wind supply chain. We also help companies export from the UK.

The Offshore Wind Investment Organisation (OWIO) is part of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI).

Who we work with

OWIO works closely with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Our responsibilities

We’re responsible for:

  • promoting investment opportunities in the UK’s offshore wind supply chain to international investors
  • helping UK suppliers to grow their business by exporting
  • ensuring local communities benefit from offshore wind farms by working with developers on their local supply chain strategies

What we do

We provide help to overseas investors and UK suppliers. This includes:

  1. providing insight into the UK and its export markets
  2. working with UK offshore wind farms developers to establish their local supply chain strategies
  3. explaining UK government financial support including support for capital investment in manufacturing, staff training, Research and Development (R&D) and export finance
  4. helping new businesses to set up in the UK by identifying locations for manufacturing facilities and company offices, and providing information on visas and recruitment
  5. providing information on forthcoming and current export opportunities and building relationships with opportunity providers
  6. managing partnerships between overseas partners and existing UK companies


The UK is the global leader in offshore wind and offers huge opportunities for trade and investment.

Our guide on major commercial opportunities in 5 European markets outlines the government support available to help you access them.

More support for offshore wind businesses choosing England as an investment location is also available through the Centres for Offshore Renewable Engineering (CORE).


Offshore Wind Investment Organisation (UKTI)

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