Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advises UK health departments on immunisation.


  • Professor Andrew Pollard, Chair (University of Oxford)
  • Professor Judith Breuer (University College Hospital)
  • Dr Peter Elton (Greater Manchester, Lancashire, South Cumbria Strategic Clinical Network)
  • Dr Maggie Wearmouth (East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust)
  • Mr Chris Liffen (lay member)
  • Dr Gabrielle Laing (NHS City & Hackney PCT)
  • Mrs Pauline MacDonald (Dudley Primary Care Trust)
  • Ms Anne McGowan (National Public Health Service for Wales)
  • Dr Andrew Riordan (Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation)
  • Professor Claire-Anne Siegrist (Geneva University Hospital)
  • Professor Matt Keeling (University of Warwick)
  • Dr Peter Baxter (Sheffield Childrens NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Alison Lawrence (lay member)
  • Professor Robert Read (Southampton General Hospital)
  • Professor Anthony Scott (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)


11/12 February 2014: meeting minutes and agenda (ZIP, 200KB)

2 Oct 2013: agenda and minutes (ZIP, 178KB)

12 June, 2013: agenda and minutes (ZIP, 164KB)

6 February, 2013: minutes (PDF, 114KB, 17 pages)

3 October, 2012: minutes and agenda (ZIP, 149KB)

30 August, 2012: minutes of meeting on pertussis immunisation (PDF, 96KB, 11 pages)

For previous minutes please go to the National Archives website

Terms of reference

Code of practice (including terms of reference) (PDF, 226KB, 45 pages)

Publications and Statements

Read JCVI publications and statements

Adolescent sub-committee

  • Dr Anthony Harnden, Chair (Oxford University)
  • Mrs Pauline MacDonald (Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council)
  • Professor Judith Breuer (University College Hospital)
  • Dr Dick Churchill (University of Nottingham Medical School)
  • Professor Kate Hunt (MRC Social & Public Health Science Unit)
  • Julie Thornton (South Essex PCT)
  • Dr Richard Smithson (Communicable Disease Control Public Health Agency)
  • Dr Claire Cameron (Health Protection Scotland)
  • Professor Adam Finn (University of Bristol)

27 January, 2012: Adolescent sub-committee minutes (PDF, 80.8KB, 12 pages)

Meningococcal sub-committee

  • Dr Andrew Riordan, Chair (Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation)
  • Professor Andrew Pollard (University Of Oxford)
  • Professor David Goldblatt (University College London)
  • Professor Mike Levin (Imperial College London)
  • Dr Anthony Harnden (Oxford University & Morland House Surgery)
  • Ms Anne McGowan (National Public Health Service for Wales)
  • Professor Matt Keeling (University of Warwick)
  • Dr Ian Feavers (National Institute for Biological Standards & Control)

19 April 2013: minutes (PDF, 130KB, 12 pages)

23 January 2013: minutes (PDF, 98KB, 7 pages)

13 July, 2012: Meningococcal sub-committee minutes (PDF, 173KB, 12 pages)

Travel sub-committee

  • Dr Peter Baxter Chair (Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Dr Tom Cheasty (Laboratory of Gastrointestinal Pathogens)
  • Professor Chris Conlon (Nuffield Department of Medicine, Oxford)
  • Ms Carolyn Driver (Independent Travel Health Specialist Nurse)
  • Ms Sheila Hall (Travel-health Related Education and Care)
  • Dr David Lalloo (Liverpool School of Hygine and Tropical Medicine)
  • Ms Fiona Marra (Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow)
  • Dr Kitty Smith (Health Protection Scotland)
  • Dr Dipti Patel (Nathnac)

14 January 2014: meeting minutes (PDF, 24.3KB, 4 pages)

8 August 2013: meeting minutes (PDF, 40.8KB, 7 pages)

5 December 2012: minutes (PDF, 113KB, 12 pages)

10 May 2013: minutes (PDF, 81.1KB, 10 pages)

Human papillomavirus (HPV) sub-committee

  • Professor Andrew Pollard (Chair JCVI)
  • Professor Judith Breuer (Chair HPV Subcommittee)
  • Mrs Pauline MacDonald
  • Dr Peter Elton
  • Professor Henry Kitchener
  • Dr Richard Gilson
  • Professor John Edmunds
  • Dr Ann Sullivan
  • Dr Kate Cuschieri
  • Professor Claire-Anne Siegrist

20 January 2014: minutes (PDF, 250KB, 18 pages)

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