Defra CBRN Emergencies (formerly the UK Government Decontamination Service)

From April 2018 the advice, guidance and access to capability to recover from a CBRN and major hazmat incident is provided from Defra’s CBRN Emergencies team and the GDS branding ended.

We provide guidance to the responsible authorities on the decontamination of buildings, infrastructure and open environment exposed to CBRN materials.

We also plan and arrange for decontamination operations to be available to the responsible authorities should the need arise.

CBRN emergency contact

For a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) or major HazMat incident call the duty officer on 03300 416565 (24/7availability).

When activating in an emergency, you will need to provide the following information:

  • your name, organisation and contact details
  • nature of incident
  • location of incident
  • support required
  • if known, the locations of the Recovery Co-ordinating Group (RCG), the Science and Technical Advice Cell (STAC), and the Strategic Co-ordinating Group (SCG)

On request we will attend RCG, STAC and SCG.

If the above number is busy please call the Defra Duty Room on 0345 051 8486.

Useful guides

We have published a detailed guide for contracting authorities who need to find approved specialist providers for decontamination services in relation to a CBRN or major HazMat incidents.

Documents in current use include:


Contact us by emailing

Defra CBRN Emergencies Team
MOD Stafford
ST18 0AQ