Fulfilling Potential Forum

The forum brings together disability organisations and government to discuss how disabled people can fulfil their potential.

Around 40 disability charities, including disabled people’s user led organisations (DPULOs), are members of the Fulfilling Potential Forum.

Forum summaries

Alternative formats of any of our documents are available on request.

Easy read – sixth forum (PDF, 3.38MB, 29 pages)

Easy read – fifth forum (PDF, 1.43MB, 21 pages)

Easy read – fourth forum (PDF, 1.55MB, 16 pages)

Easy read – third forum (PDF, 787KB, 12 pages)

Easy read – second forum (PDF, 1.29MB, 21 pages)

Easy read – first forum (PDF, 1.52MB, 23 pages)

Member organisations

Member organisations (ODT, 14.6KB)

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