Electricity Market Reform (EMR): Collaborative Development

Collaborative Development is a phase of EMR in which industry will work closely with DECC and delivery partners on developing the detailed design of EMR systems and processes for implementation. This will involve a series of open and transparent working groups (there will be separate working groups for Capacity Market and for CfD), with representation from all parties involved in ensuring system readiness, including DECC and its delivery partners, generators and suppliers. The process will be overseen by a senior steering board to ensure executive buy-in and enable companies to dedicate sufficient resources to the process.

Scoping meeting

A scoping meeting was held on 1 July 2013 to discuss the establishment of an ‘Implementation Steering Group’ which will oversee the EMR Collaborative Development process.

Steering Group

A Steering Group has been set up to support the collaborative development process and will be responsible for agreeing the TORs, membership and necessary resources required for the implementation working groups.

The Steering Group met for the first time on 8 August 2013.

Working groups

Capacity Market working groups

The draft Capacity Market working groups programme can be found in the Scoping meeting papers above. Working Group meetings began in August 2013.

Meeting details and papers:

Contracts for Difference working groups

Working group meetings began on October 2.

Further stakeholder engagement

Engagement on specific areas of policy development and detailed design continues through other fora such as:

Collaborative Development publications

Capacity Market operating model

Capacity Market Process Maps

Capacity Market Data Flows

Capacity Market Implementation Plan

Contracts for Difference Operating Model

Contracts for Differences Process Maps

Industry Implementation Forum (IIF)

To support the Collaborative Development process which ran from August to December 2013, an Implementation Steering Group has been established, with representation from across the EMR stakeholder community. Following the conclusion of the Collaborative Development activities, the EMR programme has recognised the importance of continuing senior engagement between the programme and industry as the EMR programme enters the Implementation Phase.

The Industry Implementation Forum (IIF) met for the first time on 23 January 2014.

Contracts for Difference: implementation plan

Implementation plan updated version

This document provides potential participants in the CFD scheme and electricity suppliers with details of the key implementation activities and milestones for the first CFD allocation round in 2014 and subsequent settlement.

The first version of this CFD GB Implementation Plan was published by DECC on 8 April 2014 as one of the outputs of the EMR Collaborative Development Programme which concluded in December 2013.

This version has been updated by the Low Carbon Contracts Company in its role as the CFD Implementation Coordinator and is now based on Government’s final policy position, published Allocation Framework, and Regulations laid in Parliament.

Implementation plan first version

This provides potential participants in the Contracts for Difference (CfD) programme with details of the key implementation activities and milestones.

The implementation plan is one of the outputs of Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Collaborative Development Programme which took place between August 2013 and December 2013.

The plan brings together milestones from government and each of their delivery partners. It is intended to provide high level overview of the steps involved in the implementation of the CfDs and the running of the first application and contract award process, ensuring that industry participants have the clarity they require to plan and manage their own implementation.

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