Directorate Children and Young People (DCYP)

Find out how DCYP helps children fulfil their potential.

DCYP is now replaced by Defence Children Services (DCS). Please access this page for support for Service childrens’ and Service families’ educational needs.

The Directorate Children and Young People (DCYP) was established in 2010 to provide a single Ministry of Defence (MOD) focus for all issues related to service children and young people.

Service children are the children of serving service personnel, but we also have a responsibility for the children of MOD UK based civilians and sponsored organisations serving outside of the UK.

The work of DCYP falls in to these 6 broad areas of responsibility:

  • strategic direction and policy
  • provision of high quality education in MOD schools and settings
  • safeguarding children and young people
  • supporting the Armed Forces Covenant
  • direct support and advice to service families with advice on a wide range of education matters
  • educational psychology and social work services

For more information on the services that DCYP provide, please visit the following pages:

A COVID-19 webpage was created for vital information and support for parents.

The Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) provides service families with expert and impartial advice and information about all aspects of children’s education in the UK and around the world.

Education in the UK for service children: information regarding aspects of education for service children in the UK, this will vary depending on where they live or may move to.

Education overseas for service children: the education provision for service children overseas can be categorised as MOD schools and settings or non MOD schools locations.

Higher education for service children: information about higher education for service children including funding, applying for university and top tips.

Childcare for service children: information on childcare for service families within the UK and overseas.

Safeguarding for service children: information about the MOD and who you can contact about the safeguarding of service children.

Service Pupil Premium (SPP) is funding that can be received by state schools, academies and free schools in England, which have children of service families in school from reception to year 11. You can find out more on the Service Pupil Premium (SPP)information sheet

DCS and AFFS forms and information.