Defence Medical Services Regulator

The DMSR is an independent regulator for healthcare across defence.

Who we are

The Surgeon General’s (SG) Inspector General Team re-brigaded under the Defence Safety Authority (DSA) on 1 December 2017, to form the Defence Medical Services Regulator (DMSR). This transfer ensures that organisational separation is maintained between those regulating and assuring the Defence Medical Services and those that provide defence healthcare outputs.

What we do

The DMSR is an independent regulator within defence who holds a personal letter of delegation from the 3* Director General of the DSA which defines his authority and responsibilities. This directs the DMSR to regulate healthcare across defence activities in accordance with the Secretary of State’s policy statement and to maintain a regulatory regime.

The DMSR consists of 3 pillars:

  • patient safety
  • healthcare assurance
  • policy and legislation


A trusted and credible healthcare regulator that is effective, supportive and transparent.


To provide independent advice on patient safety, and evidence-based assurance, through regulation where appropriate, of the optimal delivery of continually improving healthcare to enhance defence capabilities.

Our management

The Head of Defence Medical Services Regulator (DMSR) is Air Commodore David McLoughlin.

Contact us

Coltman House
DMS Whittington
WS14 9PY