Defence Fire and Rescue

We provide fire safety and fire fighting capability during peace and conflict to protect MOD personnel and assets.

Defence Fire and Rescue (DFR) was formed in 2006, to make a single, integrated, regionally based fire risk management organisation.

Our mission

To deliver cost effective and sustainable fire and rescue capability to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) during peace and conflict to protect MOD estate assets and personnel, and to provide an operational fire and rescue capability in support of military operations worldwide.

This is achieved through adopting a proportionate, risk based approach to provide prevention, protection and response services to defence to reduce fire deaths, injuries and losses of infrastructure, strategic materials and capability.

Our responsibilities

We provide trained, equipped and motivated fire safety and firefighting capability at the required states of readiness with the requisite support and ability to deploy to operational theatres. We also provide an MOD Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) capability that is consistent with local authority FRS standards, as reasonably practicable within wider defence needs.

We are responsible for:

  • providing cost effective and sustainable fire risk management services to defence in peace and conflict across the world as required
  • developing and implement fire policy and standards
  • providing a fire and rescue capability, including airfield rescue and firefighting, and structural fire and rescue firefighting capabilities
  • protecting life and assets to enable defence to achieve its aims and objectives free from the risk of fire
  • the functional control over 80 fire stations, 3 service delivery offices, 4 fire training centres with over 2,000 personnel

In addition, DFR military personnel are required to provide fire and rescue capabilities under active service conditions as a continually evolving capability. For example, as part of an incident response team deployed by helicopter to respond to mine strike incidents and a damage control team within Royal Navy warships.

Our staff include military (Royal Air Force Trade Group 8 Firefighter and Royal Navy Aircraft Handler), civil service (Defence Fire and Rescue Service), locally employed civilian and contractor staff. Collectively, they provide fire cover to some 300,000 MOD employees and strategic assets dispersed across 4,600 sites containing some 45,000 self insured buildings worth over £100-billion.


It is not practical to generalise about working conditions, rates of pay and pension arrangements as there are differing terms and conditions of service for the separate elements of DFR. Any enquiries you have should be directed to specific recruiting agencies.

You can visit the official RN Aircraft Handler recruitment page for details of any current vacancies within the RN Aircraft Handler

You can visit the official Royal Air Force firefighter page for details of any current vacancies within the Royal Air Force Trade Group 8 (Firefighter) trades.

To apply for the Defence Fire and Rescue Service as a civilian, visit the Civil Service Jobs website. You will need to use the ‘advance search’ function to filter jobs for Ministry of Defence under ‘jobs by department’.

Data Protection

All information supplied to the MOD is processed in accordance with requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Contact us

Sedgemoor Building, Spur G&H, IDL 54
Marlborough Lines
Monxton Road
SP11 8HT

Phone: 01264 381803