Counter-Fraud Standards and Profession

Protecting public services and fighting economic crime.

Government Counter Fraud Function

The Counter Fraud Function is one of the government’s fourteen functions. It brings together over 15,000 public servants who work to find and fight fraud across the public sector.

This includes those working to understand and mitigate fraud risk within their organisations and those who work in the public sector to fight economic crime.

Fraud costs the government an estimated £31 to £53 billion every year. Fraud against public bodies takes money away from the vital public services that citizens rely on and can damage trust in government.

Counter Fraud Function strategic objectives

  • Building capability across government and supporting organisations to evolve
  • Innovating in intelligence sharing and the use of data
  • Increasing our understanding of risk and threat, and using this to design out opportunities for fraud where possible
  • Close working with cyber security on shared threats and opportunities
  • Minimising loss in the areas where there is known loss

The Government Counter Fraud Profession

The Government Counter Fraud Profession was launched in October 2018.

It is the first profession working to fight fraud and provides a professional structure with common professional standards and competencies for those working in counter fraud roles.

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Functional centre of expertise

To lead the function, the government has invested in a Counter Fraud Centre of Expertise hosted in the Cabinet Office. The centre:

  • brings the function together
  • oversees the development of the profession
  • supports public bodies to enhance their fraud response by working with experts to develop tools and services to help find and fight fraud
  • maintains the Counter Fraud Functional Standard (GovS 013) and assesses public bodies compliance with these
  • leads the International Public Sector Fraud forum, engaging public sector agencies globally to understand, find and stop fraud

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