Government Counter Fraud Function and Profession

Protecting public services and fighting economic crime.

Government Counter Fraud Function

The Government Counter Fraud Function (GCFF) is one of the government’s fourteen functions. It brings together c.16,000 public servants who work to find and fight fraud across the public sector. This includes those working to understand and mitigate fraud risk within their organisations and those who work in the public sector to fight economic crime. Fraud costs the government an estimated £33 to £55 billion every year. Fraud against public bodies takes money away from the vital public services that citizens rely on and can damage trust in government.

Counter Fraud Function strategic objectives

The strategic objectives of the Counter Fraud Function are:

  • building capability across government and supporting organisations to evolve
  • innovating in intelligence sharing and the use of data
  • increasing our understanding of risk and threat, and using this to design out opportunities for fraud where possible
  • close working with cyber security on shared threats and opportunities
  • minimising loss in the areas where there is known loss

Research and best practice guidance

Government Functional Standard GovS 013: Counter Fraud

Experts from across government supported by experts from other sectors have defined the minimum standard that government departments and public bodies should have in place to effectively deal with fraud. These are detailed in the government functional standard.

Government Counter Fraud Profession

The Government Counter Fraud Profession (GCFP) was launched in October 2018 to develop a common structure for developing counter fraud capability across government. It now has over 7,100 members across 45 organisations including HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

It is the first Profession in the world dedicated to those working to fight fraud and provides a structure with common professional standards and competencies for those working in counter fraud roles.

Professional standards and guidance

As standards are developed they are released under open government licence on Links to those available to date are outlined below and further sets will be released in due course.

Professional standards and guidance: investigation

This document contains the agreed professional standards and guidance for the implementation of a consistent approach to fraud investigation in central government.

Read professional standards and guidance: investigation

Professional standards and guidance: fraud risk assessment in government

This document contains the agreed professional standards and guidance for how to carry out a fraud risk assessment (FRA) in central government.

Read Professional standards and guidance: fraud risk assessment in government

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