Civil Service Group

The Civil Service Group is responsible for implementing the Civil Service Reform Plan to build an exceptional Civil Service - more skilled, less bureaucratic and more unified.

What we do

In June 2012, we published the Civil Service Reform Plan which set out the specific actions we’ll take, including:

  • making the government’s digital services simpler, clearer and faster, taking a ‘digital by default’ approach by 2015
  • improving and opening up policy making, by setting up cross-departmental teams and involving more people in the design of policies
  • improving the way we carry out major projects, and ensuring clear accountability with, for example, a strong cross-government management information system
  • improving the skills, abilities and performance of civil servants, by producing a 5-year capabilities plan, introducing a new competency framework and encouraging dialogue with the private sector
  • creating a modern employment offer for staff, with a clearer performance management system, improved IT and flexible working across departments

Our progress

In July 2013 we published the Civil Service Reform Plan: one year on, a report that provides an account of progress to date.

You can find out more about our work by visiting the Civil Service blog

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