4G/TV Co-existence Oversight Board

The 4G/TV Co-existence Oversight Board oversees the help being offered to consumers affected by television interference caused by the rollout of 4G (superfast mobile internet) in the 800 MHz spectrum band.

The Board reports to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries.

The help scheme is delivered by a private company, Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited (DMSL), which is owned by the 800 MHz licensees. DMSL uses the name ‘at800’ in its communications with the public.

The original help scheme was revised in February 2014 to provide an even higher standard of service to viewers affected by 4G interference.


The Board is comprised of an independent Chair, David Hendon, and:

  • Roger Darlington, non-executive member with expertise in consumer matters
  • William Webb, non-executive member with expertise in technical and economic matters

4 representatives of the 800 MHz licensees:

  • Inge Hansen, Head of Spectrum Strategy, Everything Everywhere
  • Robin Vernon, Regulatory Manager, Telefónica (O2)
  • Greg Thompson, Radio Strategy & Architecture Manager, Three
  • Paul Rosbotham, Senior Regulatory Manager, Vodafone

4 representatives of the terrestrial television broadcasters:

  • Alan Boyle, Head of Spectrum & Investigation, BBC
  • Alexandra McNair, Controller of Policy and Regulatory Strategy, ITV
  • Phillip Milton, Public Affairs Manager, Channel 4
  • John Ballard, Head of Network Engineering, Digital Platforms, Arqiva

Three observer members (without voting status) from DMSL, DCMS and Ofcom:

  • Ben Roome, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited
  • Nick Munn, Head of Spectrum Policy, Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)
  • Graham Plumb, Principal Broadcast Specialist, Ofcom

Read the Oversight Board’s terms of reference.

Memorandum of Understanding

The Oversight Board has a memorandum of understanding with DMSL, which sets out how the two bodies work with each other.


Board reports

The Chair sends a report of each meeting to DCMS Ministers and to Ofcom.

2017 reports

2016 reports

2015 reports

2014 reports

2013 reports

Further information

Read more about what DCMS is doing to support telecoms industries and bring 4G to the UK.

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