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The Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and Bottled Drinking Water (England) Regulations 2015

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Seeking views on proposals to update the current rules on governing the exploitation, bottling and marketing of bottled drinking water.

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Consultation description

We want to know what you think about our plans to consolidate the current rules on bottled drinking water.

This update will also:

  • ease burdens on businesses by removing a national requirement which no longer has a scientific evidence base
  • change the way offences are enforced, allowing Local Authorities to take a more proportionate approach
  • apply new requirements for businesses to test and monitor for radioactive substances in bottled drinking water

The new regulations will come into force in early January 2016 and will apply in England only. Separate regulations will be made in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. These regulations will replace the current regulations.

Published 2 October 2015