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Steel slag aggregates: ‘end of waste criteria’ quality protocol

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Detail of feedback received

Steel slag aggregate quality protocol: consultation response document.

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Seeking views on a quality protocol for the production and use of steel slag aggregates.

Consultation description

We would like to know what you think about the draft steel slag aggregate quality protocol. It sets out the criteria for how the aggregate should be produced so that it is no longer considered waste material. The quality protocol also includes the use of best practice in the production, processing, storage, handling, transportation and use of steel slag aggregate.

Steel slag is a waste material arising from the manufacture of steel, including stainless steel. Steel slag aggregate is a manufactured aggregate processed exclusively from steel slag.

If steel slag can meet the criteria in the protocol, it will be considered to be fully recovered and no longer subject to waste legislation. This will reduce the regulatory burden on the producers and users of steel slag aggregate.