Consultation outcome

Simplifying the PAYE Settlement Agreement (PSA) process

This consultation has concluded

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Detail of outcome

This document summarises responses to our consultation over summer 2016 on Simplifying the PAYE Settlement Agreement Process (PSA) and confirms the government’s proposed next steps in this process.

Original consultation

This consultation ran from to


A consultation on proposals to simplify the process used for agreeing and reporting items in a PAYE Settlement Agreement.


Consultation description

This consultation sets out proposals to reform the PAYE Settlement Agreement (PSA) process, to:

  • make it simpler for both employers and HMRC to administer PSAs
  • provide greater clarity about what can and cannot be included in a PSA

Responses are welcomed from anyone with an interest in this consultation, although the nature of the topic means that it may have more relevance for employers and their professional advisers rather than individuals.