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River Pinn and Cannon Brook flood reduction

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The Environment Agency has now reviewed the responses to the consultation and they are using these along with technical considerations, environmental and social impacts to develop the options further.

Please visit the River Pinn and Cannon Brook flood reduction consultation website for more information.

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The Environment Agency wants to get feedback from partners and local communities who will benefit or be impacted by their initial flood reduction proposals.

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The River Pinn catchment is in the west of the Greater London area. It flows through the London boroughs of Harrow and Hillingdon before joining the Frays River in Uxbridge. The Pinn is joined by several smaller rivers along its length, including the Cannon Brook in Ruislip. It is also fed by numerous outfalls which convey excess rainwater to the river. The rivers flow generally in open channels made of earth, passing through various bridges and culverts.

Communities in the River Pinn catchment have experienced flooding several times, most recently in June 2016. The Environment Agency has been working with Hillingdon and Harrow Councils to better understand the causes of this flooding and identify actions that could reduce the risk in the future.

The investigation objectives are:

  • to better understand the risk of flooding in the River Pinn and Cannon Brook catchments
  • to collaborate with others to develop flood reduction proposals which maximise benefits for people and the environment
  • to work with local communities to ensure they understand our proposals and what actions they can take to be more prepared for flooding
  • to work with partners to find funding from other sources to help deliver viable flood reduction proposals

The proposals will not eliminate the risk of flooding, only lessen it.

The Environment Agency needs to continue to work with our partners and communities to find funding for these proposals. The project is currently partly funded by central government, but there is still a need to find more funding, for example from organisations and businesses that will benefit. The proposals can only be progressed if they are fully funded.

Published 15 March 2018
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