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Reconsideration of Parole Board decisions: Creating a new and open system

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A consultation to seek views on the operation of the proposed new reconsideration process for Parole Board decisions.

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Consultation description

In January 2018, the Secretary of State launched a Review into the law, policy and procedure relating to parole decisions, focussing on the following four work strands:

  1. the law, policy, guidance and practice relating to challenges to Parole Board decision making
  2. the transparency of Parole Board decision making
  3. victim involvement in Parole Board hearings
  4. arrangements for communicating with victims

As a result, we have concluded that, in certain circumstances, Parole Board decisions should be allowed to be reconsidered. This consultation is aimed at those who have an interest in the decision making of the Parole Board for England and Wales. This paper considers and seeks views on the proposed parameters for and operation of the proposed reconsideration process, with respect to:

  • which types of decisions should be reconsidered
  • who should be able to apply for reconsideration of a decision
  • on what basis a decision should be reconsidered
  • how we can make the process transparent whilst also ensuring there are sufficient safeguards to protect panel members, victims and others
Published 28 April 2018