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Railway safety levy

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Seeking views on a standard format for the submission of railway service providers’ financial information for safety levy apportionment purposes.

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Consultation description

Our health and safety regulation activities are funded by the railway safety levy, introduced through the Railway Safety Levy Regulations 2006. In line with these regulations, railway service providers (RSPs) have an obligation to pay a share of the safety levy annually.

The format in which we request and accept financial information from RSPs in order to apportion the levy is not defined by the regulations or by our current guidance. In order to ensure that the safety levy is calculated consistently and transparently across all RSPs, we intend to provide a proforma request for relevant turnover, which we expect all RSPs to complete and return to us with the appropriate level of certification, as required by the regulations.

We are consulting on the content of the proforma.

This review is undertaken within the existing legal framework. We are not proposing to make any changes to the Regulations themselves.