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Plans for Secure College rules consultation

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

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This consultation is about the policies which will inform the statutory rules governing Secure Colleges.

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Consultation description

The purpose of the rules will be to set out the core parameters within which Secure Colleges will be required to operate to ensure that young people are detained safely and securely, and that their educational and rehabilitative needs are addressed.

Rules will cover issues which are so fundamental to the safe and effective operation of a Secure College that the government believes they must be set out in legislation. The rules will also address the requirements of section 47 of the Prison Act 1952, (the power in primary legislation to make Secure College Rules).

As well as seeking views on whether the policies which inform these rules are right, we also invite views on whether we have identified the right areas which need to be covered by rules.

A competition to identify an operator for the Secure College Pathfinder will commence in early 2015. At this time we will be producing a draft operating specification for the Secure College Pathfinder. Building on the fundamental requirements to be established in the rules, this draft specification will set out further detail in relation to the regime and services that we will expect operators to deliver at the Secure College Pathfinder.

The draft operating specification will be subject to further development and agreement with potential operators as part of that procurement process. No decisions have yet been taken about who will be accommodated in the Secure College Pathfinder.

Throughout the consultation document we have included references to what we anticipate will be in the draft operating specification for the Secure College Pathfinder. This information is provided solely in order to provide consultees with more context on how the rules are likely to fit with the draft operating specification, and therefore how the Secure College Pathfinder could be run. In many cases the draft operating specification will expand on the requirements established by the Rules.

Our aim is that, while following the requirements set out in the rules, and complying with the final agreed operating specification for the Secure College Pathfinder, operators will still have sufficient flexibility to innovate and develop operating models which will most effectively educate and rehabilitate the young people in their care.

Published 16 October 2014