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Pharmacy legislation on dispensing errors and organisational governance

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Seeks views on proposals for 2 draft orders which would amend current pharmacy legislation on dispensing errors and clarify how registered pharmacies are governed.

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Consultation description

This is a UK-wide consultation, issued on behalf of the 4 UK health departments, with their support.

The 2 draft orders are:

  1. The Pharmacy (Preparation and Dispensing Errors – Hospitals and Other Pharmacy Services) Order 2018

  2. The Pharmacy (Responsible Pharmacists, Superintendent Pharmacists etc) Order 2018

The first draft order seeks to extend defences that already exist for pharmacy professionals working at or from registered pharmacies in the case of accidental preparation and dispensing errors. It would cover pharmacy professionals working in hospitals and other relevant pharmacy services.

The second draft order seeks to clarify and strengthen the arrangements of registered pharmacies concerning how they are governed. Specifically, it makes the roles of responsible pharmacists and superintendent pharmacists clear in primary legislation.

An equality analysis for each of the draft orders has been published alongside the consultation. These set out how the Department of Health and Social Care has thought about the potential impact of the proposed policies on protected groups. As part of the consultation we invite respondents to comment on our equality analysis.


Published 19 June 2018
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  1. Consultation closure date changed from 10 September to 11 September.
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