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Mutual deferred shares: consultation on technical policy details

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Seeking views on the government’s proposed Mutuals’ Deferred Shares Regulations, which will allow mutual insurers to issue this new type of capital created by the Mutuals’ Deferred Shares Act 2015.

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Consultation description

The consultation asks a number of questions about policy issues on the drafting, how the impact assessment can be improved and some high level questions on tax implications that may arise for mutual deferred shares. The views expressed will inform the final details of the regulations.

This consultation should be read by those who will seek to take advantage of the regulations and issue a mutual deferred share, or who could be affected by this. This could be any individual, organisation or group that is a stakeholder in the UK mutual insurance market, such as friendly societies, mutual insurers, professional advisers, business groups, consumer groups, investors, individual mutual members, and other interested parties.


Mutual deferred shares: consultation on technical policy details

Published 4 August 2016