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Leicester Flood Risk Management Strategy

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Help us determine the environmental impacts we need to consider as part of the Leicester Integrated Flood Risk Management Strategy (IFRMS).

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Consultation description

The Environment Agency (EA) has produced a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) which aims to identify environmental and possibly other sustainability aspects to be considered in policy, plan and programme making.

This scoping document establishes which environmental criteria need to be included and assessed as part of the Leicester Integrated Flood Risk Management Strategy (IFRMS). It will ensure the risk of flooding from all sources is properly managed by using the full range of options in a co-ordinated way.

The IFRMS should establish:

  • a better understanding of the risk of flooding from all sources
  • that the EA and others have long term plans in place to manage these risks
  • that communities understand risk and take action
  • that new development is both appropriate and safe
  • that wider environmental objectives and other benefits are achieved. This includes delivering Water Framework Directive outcomes
  • that better detection, forecasting and issue of warnings enables the EA and Leicester City Council to minimise the consequences of flooding from any source, and co-ordinate effective response to flood emergencies and faster recovery
  • that EA capital and revenue investment needs to be identified and targeted at those communities at highest risk