Open consultation

Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act 2017: Implementing the Act


This consultation sets out the Ministry of Justice’s proposals for the implementation of the Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act 2017 in July 2019.

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Consultation description

This consultation seeks views on the department’s proposals for bringing the Act into force with the object of implementing the Act as smoothly and successfully as practicable.

Scope of the consultation:

This paper seeks views on the content of the department’s proposals for:

  • rules of court and related practice directions for guardianship proceedings;
  • regulations relating to the registration and supervision of guardians by the Public Guardian;
  • fees payable to the court and to the Public Guardian; and
  • a code of practice providing guidance to guardians and persons making applications under the Act.

The consultation is aimed primarily at individuals who have or have had a missing relative or friend and for whom guardianship may be relevant, professionals who advise in this field, charities who provide help and advice to people affected by a disappearance and, businesses, organisations and institutions that have to deal with individuals trying to cope with the property and finance related consequences of a disappearance. The Ministry of Justice does, however, welcome views on its proposals from all individuals and organisations interested in this field.

Published 19 December 2018