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Consultation on the UK’s Foreign Travel Advice service

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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) launched a 5-week consultation from 21 March to 22 April 2016 on the FCO’s travel advice service. This document gives an overview of the consultation process and a summary of the responses received. It highlights the key themes and explains how the FCO will use the feedback. We will be updating the way in which we describe the terrorism threat overseas and making improvements to the layout of the travel advice online.

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We invite views from British nationals on the UK’s Foreign Travel Advice service.


Consultation description

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has launched a public consultation on the UK’s Foreign Travel Advice service.

The UK provides travel advice to help British nationals make informed decisions about their travel to and time spent at foreign destinations. This advice includes information on the security and safety situation in a particular country. It is designed to give British nationals travelling overseas practical, accurate and up to date information and advice.

We are reviewing this service to explore how we might present travel information, including security and safety advice, in a way that is easily accessible and readily understood. Our aim is to provide objective and accurate information, and to help British nationals distinguish between the different levels of risks involved in travel to or within a particular country.

Our consultation seeks the views of British nationals on how we might best present information to help make an informed decision about travel to foreign destinations. We want to know also where British travellers usually look for advice on foreign travel, and their view on the role that the UK should play in advising on security in a given country.

Responses to the consultation will help inform the Foreign Travel Advice service review. Answers to the questions will be anonymous and the data will be analysed and reported in aggregated form.