Consultation outcome

Changes to Jobcentre Plus vacancies statistics

This consultation was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

This consultation has concluded

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Original consultation

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Request to statisticians for suggestions for presenting data about Jobcentre Plus vacancies following changes to the current formats.


Consultation description

In late autumn 2012 there will be fundamental changes in Jobcentre Plus handling of employer vacancies and services in support of job search. The existing source of administrative data is being decommissioned. This means that existing National Statistics on Jobcentre Plus vacancies will cease. There will be no further releases on Nomis.

A new service will be introduced to provide job search services to all jobseekers. New internet-based statistics from this system will be available to all users. This will provide wider coverage with timely and frequent updates. However, definitions will not be consistent with the existing statistics.

These changes are largely driven by the need to improve the service to job search customers. However, there are substantial benefits for statistical users too, as well as some changes to the structure of the series.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) welcome your opinions and comments on these changes. In particular:

  • are there other breakdowns that you would like to see in the internet-based statistical information service?
  • DWP appreciates that users will have some concerns regarding the break in series. What would be helpful for you as a user to bridge that gap?
  • given the likely changes to the coverage of this series across time, is there a need for time series longer than the planned 12 months?
  • given the availability of daily statistical information on notified vacancies, what value could be added by an officially compiled set of official statistics? How would you use compiled statistics if they were produced?